Why Is Rod Reiss Titan So Big?

Rod Reiss is a character in the popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan. In the series, Rod Reiss is the true king of the Walls, who is transformed into a Titan by his daughter Historia’s half-sister, Eren Yeager. However, unlike other Titans in the series, Rod Reiss’s Titan form is notably larger than others. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Rod Reiss’s Titan is so big.

Abnormal Titan

In the world of Attack on Titan, Titans are known to come in different shapes and sizes. Most Titans are around 3 to 15 meters in height, with some exceptions such as the Colossus Titan, which is around 60 meters tall. However, Rod Reiss’s Titan form is even larger than the Colossus Titan, standing at approximately 120 meters.

Rod Reiss’s Titan form is referred to as an “Abnormal Titan,” which is a classification for Titans that exhibit unique or irregular behavior. Abnormal Titans are known to act differently than other Titans, such as showing more intelligence or exhibiting different physical characteristics.

Historia’s Bloodline

One of the reasons why Rod Reiss’s Titan form is so big is due to his bloodline. Historia Reiss, Rod’s daughter, is part of the royal bloodline that has the ability to control Titans. This ability is known as the “Founding Titan,” which grants the user immense power to manipulate and control Titans.

It is suggested in the series that the Founding Titan’s power is linked to the size of the Titan form. The larger the Titan, the stronger the Founding Titan’s power. This could explain why Rod Reiss’s Titan is so big, as he is part of the royal bloodline and possesses the Founding Titan’s power.

Incomplete Transformation

Another reason why Rod Reiss’s Titan form is so big is due to an incomplete transformation. In the series, it is revealed that Rod Reiss ingested a special serum that was meant to transform him into a Titan. However, due to a mistake during the transformation process, Rod Reiss’s Titan form was incomplete and deformed.

It is suggested that the incomplete transformation resulted in Rod Reiss’s Titan form being significantly larger than other Titans. This is because the transformation process was not able to properly control the size and shape of the Titan.


In conclusion, Rod Reiss’s Titan is so big due to a combination of factors, including his bloodline, the incomplete transformation process, and his classification as an Abnormal Titan. While his size may make him a formidable opponent in battle, it also serves as a reminder of the complex and mysterious world of Attack on Titan.

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