Why Is My Review Not Showing Up On Google?

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world, and it is also a platform where users can leave reviews for businesses. However, many people have reported that their reviews do not show up on Google. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why this may be happening and what you can do to ensure that your review is visible to others.

Possible Reasons for Reviews Not Showing Up

Violation of Google’s Review Policy: Google has strict policies regarding the type of content that can be included in reviews. If your review violates these policies, it may be removed by Google.

Suspicious Activity: Google’s algorithm is designed to identify and remove fake reviews, and if it detects suspicious activity, your review may be flagged as spam.

Technical Issues: Technical issues such as server downtime or glitches in the system can cause reviews to not show up on Google.

Time Lag: It can take some time for Google to process and publish reviews, and therefore it may not show up immediately after submission.

Business Owner’s Response: If the business owner responds to your review, it may be temporarily hidden until the response is approved.

How to Ensure Your Review Appears on Google

Follow Google’s Review Guidelines: Make sure that your review complies with Google’s review guidelines. Avoid using abusive language, personal attacks, or posting inappropriate content.

Use a Real Account: Make sure that you are using a real account to post the review. Avoid creating multiple accounts or using fake profiles to post reviews.

Provide Sufficient Information: Provide sufficient information about your experience with the business in your review. This will help to establish the authenticity of your review.

Wait for the Review to be Published: It can take some time for Google to publish reviews, so be patient and wait for your review to show up.

Contact Google: If your review does not show up after a reasonable amount of time, you can contact Google support for assistance.


Google reviews can be a valuable source of information for users looking for information about businesses. However, reviews may not always show up due to violations of Google’s review policies, suspicious activity, technical issues, time lags, or responses from business owners. To ensure that your review appears on Google, follow the review guidelines, use a real account, provide sufficient information, wait for the review to be published, and contact Google support if necessary. By taking these steps, you can help to ensure that your review is visible to others and provides valuable feedback for businesses.

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