Why Is Lydia In Eichen House?

Lydia Martin is a character in the American supernatural drama television series Teen Wolf. In the show, Lydia is sent to Eichen House, a mental institution, for treatment. This article will explore the reasons why Lydia was sent to Eichen House and the impact it had on her character arc.


Lydia Martin is a popular and intelligent student at Beacon Hills High School. However, she also has a mysterious connection to the supernatural world that becomes more apparent as the show progresses. Lydia’s character is introduced as a stereotypical popular girl who is initially uninterested in the supernatural occurrences happening in her hometown.

Lydia’s Character Development

Over the course of the series, Lydia’s character undergoes significant development as she discovers her abilities as a Banshee and becomes more involved in the supernatural world. Her initial skepticism gives way to a deep understanding and acceptance of her abilities, and she becomes a valuable member of the main characters’ group, known as the “McCall Pack.”

Lydia’s experiences also lead to a significant change in her personality, from being self-centered and aloof to being more empathetic and compassionate towards her friends.

Lydia’s Time at Eichen House

Lydia’s stay at Eichen House occurs in season 4 of the show. She is sent there by her mother, Natalie Martin, who is concerned about her daughter’s mental state. Lydia is initially hesitant about going to Eichen House, but her mother insists that it is for her own good.

At Eichen House, Lydia is treated by Dr. Valack, a former inmate who has a unique perspective on the supernatural world. Dr. Valack reveals to Lydia that she has a powerful scream that can shatter glass and that she is a Banshee, a harbinger of death.

While at Eichen House, Lydia also has a vision of a mysterious figure known as the “Deadpool,” which is a hit list of supernatural creatures being targeted for assassination. Lydia’s connection to the Deadpool leads her to work with the McCall Pack to uncover the identity of the person responsible for creating it.

Impact on Lydia’s Character Arc

Lydia’s time at Eichen House is a turning point in her character arc. It marks the beginning of her journey towards fully embracing her abilities as a Banshee and accepting her role in the supernatural world.

Lydia’s experiences at Eichen House also have a significant impact on her relationships with the other characters in the show. Her newfound empathy and compassion allow her to form deeper connections with her friends, particularly with Stiles Stilinski, who she develops a romantic relationship with.


Lydia Martin’s stay at Eichen House is an important plot point in the Teen Wolf series. It marks a significant turning point in her character arc and allows her to fully embrace her role as a Banshee. Lydia’s time at Eichen House also has a significant impact on her relationships with the other characters in the show, particularly with Stiles Stilinski.

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