Why Is Lasership So Bad?

Lasership is a regional parcel carrier that provides last-mile delivery services across the United States. It has gained a reputation for being one of the least reliable delivery services, with customers frequently reporting lost, damaged, or delayed packages. This article aims to explore the reasons why Lasership has garnered such a negative reputation.

One of the primary reasons why Lasership is known for being unreliable is due to its business model. Lasership primarily contracts with e-commerce companies, providing them with a cost-effective alternative to using traditional carriers like UPS or FedEx. However, Lasership is a relatively small company, and it lacks the resources and infrastructure of its larger competitors. This means that it often struggles to keep up with the high volume of packages it receives, leading to lost or delayed shipments.

Another reason why Lasership is considered to be a subpar delivery service is due to its lack of transparency. Many customers report that the tracking information provided by Lasership is often incomplete or inaccurate, making it difficult to know when to expect a package. Additionally, Lasership does not provide customers with a reliable customer service line or a user-friendly website, making it difficult for customers to get the help they need when a package goes missing.

Lasership is also known for its poor handling of packages. Customers have reported that their packages have been left in inappropriate locations, such as on a doorstep in the pouring rain, leading to damaged goods. Additionally, Lasership is known for delivering packages to the wrong address, which can cause significant problems for both the recipient and the sender.

Finally, Lasership has also been criticized for its poor treatment of its employees. Current and former employees have reported that Lasership has a high turnover rate, with many employees quitting due to low pay, long hours, and poor working conditions. This high turnover rate can result in inexperienced and overworked employees handling packages, leading to even more lost or damaged shipments.

In conclusion, Lasership’s poor reputation can be attributed to a variety of factors, including its business model, lack of transparency, poor handling of packages, and poor treatment of its employees. While Lasership may be a cost-effective option for e-commerce companies, customers may want to consider using a more reliable carrier for their shipping needs.

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