Why Is Hunter X Hunter On Hiatus?

Hunter X Hunter is a popular Japanese manga and anime series that was created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series has gained a large following worldwide due to its unique characters, engaging storyline, and impressive animation. However, the series is well-known for its frequent hiatuses, which has left many fans wondering why the series is on hiatus so often. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Hunter X Hunter’s hiatuses.

Health Issues

One of the primary reasons for the frequent hiatuses of Hunter X Hunter is the health issues of its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. Togashi has suffered from several health issues over the years, including a herniated disk, chronic lower back pain, and health complications related to stress. These health issues have made it difficult for him to work consistently on the series, leading to frequent hiatuses.

The pressure to create high-quality content on a consistent basis can be overwhelming for mangaka (manga creators) and can have a negative impact on their mental and physical health. It is not uncommon for mangaka to take breaks or go on hiatus to recover from health issues, and Togashi’s hiatuses are a reflection of this.

Complex Storyline

Another reason for Hunter X Hunter’s hiatuses is the complex storyline of the series. The series is known for its intricate plot and world-building, which requires a significant amount of planning and attention to detail. Togashi is known for taking his time to carefully plan and write out the story, which can result in long periods between releases.

Additionally, Togashi has stated that he often rewrites and changes the storyline, leading to delays in the release of new chapters. This attention to detail and commitment to quality is a double-edged sword, as it results in a compelling and well-developed story, but also contributes to the long hiatuses.

Production Challenges

Another factor contributing to Hunter X Hunter’s hiatuses is the production challenges associated with creating a high-quality anime adaptation of the series. While the anime adaptation has been well-received by fans, the production process has been challenging due to the complexity of the storyline and Togashi’s frequent hiatuses.

The anime production team has often had to create filler episodes or wait for new material to be released before continuing with the storyline. This has resulted in long gaps between seasons and a disjointed viewing experience for fans.


In conclusion, Hunter X Hunter’s frequent hiatuses can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the health issues of its creator, the complex storyline of the series, and production challenges associated with creating a high-quality anime adaptation. While these hiatuses can be frustrating for fans, they are a necessary part of the creative process and ensure that the series remains of high quality. As such, fans of the series should be patient and understanding of the challenges faced by the creator and production team, and appreciate the high-quality content that is released when it is ready.

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