Why Does Todoroki Hate His Dad?

In the manga and anime series “My Hero Academia,” the character Todoroki Shoto harbors deep feelings of resentment and anger towards his father, Endeavor. Todoroki’s feelings towards his father are complex and multifaceted, and are rooted in Endeavor’s abusive behavior towards Todoroki and his family.

One reason Todoroki hates his dad is due to the way Endeavor treated him and his siblings. Endeavor is a powerful and renowned hero, but he has also been shown to be abusive and controlling towards his family. He is emotionally distant and demanding, and has subjected Todoroki and his siblings to harsh training and expectations in order to turn them into powerful heroes. Todoroki has suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father, which has caused him to develop deep-seated feelings of resentment and anger.

Another reason Todoroki hates his dad is due to Endeavor’s treatment of his mother. Todoroki’s mother, Rei, has also been subjected to abuse at the hands of Endeavor. Endeavor has physically and emotionally mistreated her, and has shown her little kindness or compassion. Todoroki has witnessed this abuse firsthand, and it has contributed to his feelings of hatred towards his father.

Finally, Todoroki also hates his dad because of the way Endeavor has prioritized his own reputation and career over the well-being of his family. Endeavor has been willing to put his family through immense suffering in order to further his own goals and ambitions, and has shown little regard for their happiness or welfare. Todoroki has struggled to come to terms with this selfishness and lack of concern, and it has fueled his resentment towards his father.

Overall, Todoroki hates his dad due to the abuse, mistreatment, and neglect he has suffered at Endeavor’s hands. Todoroki’s feelings towards his father are a product of the trauma and pain he has experienced, and serve as a major driving force in his character arc in “My Hero Academia.”

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