Why Does Nagato Look Like Yahiko?

Nagato and Yahiko are characters from the Japanese manga and anime series Naruto. Nagato is a member of the organization known as Akatsuki, while Yahiko is a former member of the group known as the Akatsuki’s predecessor, the Amegakure Orphans.

The reason why Nagato looks like Yahiko is due to the plot of the series. In the story, Nagato was a member of the Amegakure Orphans along with Yahiko and two other characters, Konan and Nagato’s adoptive brother, Konan. The group was orphaned during the Amegakure civil war and was taken in by Jiraiya, a mentor to the main character, Naruto.

After Jiraiya’s death, Nagato and his friends formed the organization known as the Akatsuki, with Nagato taking on the alias of Pain and becoming the leader of the group. As Pain, Nagato wears a distinctive outfit that includes six bodies that are controlled remotely by Nagato. These bodies, known as the Six Paths of Pain, each resemble Yahiko, with the exception of one body that resembles Jiraiya.

The reason why Nagato chose to use Yahiko’s appearance for the Six Paths of Pain is not explicitly stated in the series. It is possible that Nagato chose to use Yahiko’s appearance as a way to honor his friend and fellow Amegakure Orphan. Alternatively, the choice to use Yahiko’s appearance may have been made for storytelling purposes, as Yahiko’s appearance and role in the story are significant to the plot of the series.

In conclusion, Nagato looks like Yahiko because Nagato uses Yahiko’s appearance for the Six Paths

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