Why Does My Dog Lick Pee?


Dogs have a variety of behaviors that may seem strange or confusing to their human companions, and one of these behaviors is the tendency to lick urine. While this behavior may be distasteful to humans, it is relatively common in dogs and can have a variety of causes. Understanding why dogs lick urine can help pet owners address any underlying issues and discourage this behavior if necessary.

Causes of urine licking in dogs:

  1. Marking territory: Dogs have a strong sense of territory and will often mark their territory with urine as a way to communicate with other dogs. When a dog licks the urine of another dog, they may be gathering information about the other dog or reinforcing their own scent on the area.
  2. Nutritional deficiencies: In some cases, a dog’s tendency to lick urine may be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. This can be especially true if the dog is also licking other non-food items, such as rocks or grass. A veterinarian can recommend a dietary change or supplements to address any nutritional deficiencies and reduce the dog’s desire to lick urine.
  3. Medical issues: Licking urine may also be a sign of a medical issue, such as a urinary tract infection or diabetes. These conditions can cause changes in the smell or appearance of urine, which may make it more appealing to the dog. A veterinarian can diagnose and treat any underlying medical issues to help reduce the dog’s desire to lick urine.
  4. Boredom or stress: In some cases, a dog’s tendency to lick urine may be a result of boredom or stress. Providing the dog with enough mental and physical stimulation, as well as addressing any underlying sources of stress, can help reduce this behavior.

Preventing and addressing urine licking:

To prevent or address a dog’s tendency to lick urine, it is important to first identify the underlying cause. This may involve working with a veterinarian to diagnose any medical issues or making changes to the dog’s diet or environment. In some cases, training and behavior modification techniques may also be necessary to help the dog learn to stop licking urine.


While the behavior of dogs licking urine may seem strange to humans, it is a relatively common behavior that can have a variety of causes. By understanding the underlying causes of this behavior and addressing any underlying issues, pet owners can help reduce or eliminate this behavior in their dog.

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