Why Does Hiyoko Hate Mikan?

Hiyoko Saionji is a character in the manga and anime series “Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc,” and is known for her harsh personality and tendency to bully and belittle her classmates, particularly Mikan Tsumiki. However, the reason for Hiyoko’s animosity towards Mikan is not explicitly addressed in the series.

One possible explanation for Hiyoko’s behavior towards Mikan is that Hiyoko is jealous of Mikan’s close relationship with her best friend, Mahiru Koizumi. Hiyoko is shown to be possessive of Mahiru and may feel threatened by Mikan’s presence in their relationship. This theory is supported by the fact that Hiyoko often treats Mikan poorly when Mahiru is present, but is less aggressive towards her when Mahiru is not around.

Another possibility is that Hiyoko simply dislikes Mikan due to her timid and submissive personality, which conflicts with Hiyoko’s own aggressive and dominant demeanor. Hiyoko may see Mikan as weak and easy to bully, and therefore targets her as a way to assert her own dominance and superiority.

It is also possible that Hiyoko’s behavior towards Mikan is a result of her own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. Hiyoko is shown to be very concerned with her appearance and social status, and may view Mikan as a rival for attention and admiration. By belittling and bullying Mikan, Hiyoko may be attempting to boost her own self-esteem and assert her dominance over her classmate.

Overall, the true reason for Hiyoko’s hatred towards Mikan is not explicitly stated in the series and may be a combination of these factors. Whatever the reason, Hiyoko’s aggressive behavior towards Mikan and other classmates is not acceptable and serves as a testament to the complex and often harmful dynamics that can exist within social groups.

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