Why Does Broly Hate Goku?

The character of Broly, a powerful Saiyan warrior, has a deep-seated hatred for Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise. This hatred can be traced back to their infancy, when they were both born on the planet Vegeta.

During this time, Goku and Broly were placed in adjacent cribs in the royal nursery. However, the young Broly was extremely sensitive to noise and would cry at the slightest disturbance. Goku, on the other hand, was constantly making noise and crying, causing Broly to become increasingly agitated. This early interaction set the stage for their future animosity.

As they grew older, their differences only became more pronounced. Goku was a kind and gentle child, while Broly was brutal and aggressive. This was due in part to their respective upbringings. Goku was raised on Earth by his adoptive grandfather, who taught him the value of compassion and empathy. Broly, meanwhile, was raised on the harsh planet Vampa by his abusive father, who constantly pushed him to be the strongest warrior possible.

Despite their differences, Goku and Broly were both chosen to be part of an elite group of Saiyan warriors. However, their rivalry soon came to a head when they were sent on a mission to destroy a planet. During the mission, Broly became enraged when Goku showed compassion for the inhabitants of the planet and refused to destroy it. This marked the beginning of Broly’s intense hatred for Goku.

As the years went by, Broly’s hatred for Goku only grew stronger. He saw Goku as a threat to his own power and position as the strongest Saiyan warrior. This ultimately led to a series of confrontations between the two, with Broly constantly trying to prove that he is the superior warrior.

In the end, Broly’s hatred for Goku can be traced back to their difficult relationship in infancy and their contrasting upbringings. It is a perfect example of how early experiences and environments can shape a person’s worldview and motivations.

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