Why Does Beetlejuice Want To Marry Lydia?

“Beetlejuice” is a 1988 American comedy film directed by Tim Burton, in which the titular character, Beetlejuice, is a mischievous ghost who haunts a house in which a young couple, the Maitlands, have recently died. One of the main characters in the film is Lydia Deetz, a teenage girl who is the daughter of the new owners of the house. Beetlejuice is shown to be attracted to Lydia and expresses a desire to marry her.

There are a few possible reasons for Beetlejuice’s interest in Lydia. One possibility is that Beetlejuice is attracted to Lydia because she is a living person and he is a ghost. As a ghost, Beetlejuice is unable to experience many of the pleasures of life, such as eating and drinking, and may see marriage to a living person as a way to regain some sense of connection to the living world.

Another possibility is that Beetlejuice is attracted to Lydia because of her unconventional personality and interests. Lydia is shown to be a gothic and artistic teenager who is unafraid to express herself and stands out from her peers. Beetlejuice, as a mischievous and unconventional character himself, may see these qualities as attractive and feel a sense of kinship with Lydia.

It is also possible that Beetlejuice’s interest in Lydia is purely for his own amusement and as a way to cause chaos and mischief. Beetlejuice is shown to be a prankster who enjoys causing trouble, and his desire to marry Lydia may be part of this tendency.

Overall, the true reason for Beetlejuice’s interest in Lydia is not explicitly stated in the film and may be a combination of these factors. Whatever the reason, Beetlejuice’s pursuit of Lydia serves as a humorous and absurd subplot in the film and highlights the film’s themes of nonconformity and the supernatural.

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