Why Do I Chew So Loudly?

Chewing is a natural and necessary process for humans to consume food and nutrients. However, some individuals may find themselves chewing loudly, which can be bothersome to those around them. In this article, we will explore the scientific explanations for why some individuals chew loudly and possible solutions.

Causes of Loud Chewing

One of the primary causes of loud chewing is the way individuals chew their food. Some individuals may chew their food with their mouth open or with their lips not fully closed. This can lead to the sound of smacking or squishing, which can be perceived as loud chewing.

Another possible cause of loud chewing is dental or jaw issues. Individuals with misaligned teeth or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders may find it more difficult to chew their food quietly. In some cases, individuals with dental issues may also experience pain while chewing, which can lead to louder chewing sounds.

Additionally, some individuals may have an overactive jaw muscle, which can lead to excessive movement and noise while chewing. This can be caused by stress, anxiety, or other underlying medical conditions.

Solutions for Loud Chewing

If an individual is concerned about their loud chewing, there are several solutions that can help reduce or eliminate the noise.

Firstly, individuals can make a conscious effort to chew with their mouth closed and lips fully sealed. This can help reduce the amount of noise that is created while chewing.

Additionally, individuals with dental or jaw issues may benefit from seeking treatment from a dental or medical professional. Treatments may include orthodontic work or physical therapy to help alleviate pain and improve chewing ability.

For individuals with an overactive jaw muscle, stress reduction techniques such as meditation or exercise may be helpful. In some cases, medication or therapy may also be recommended.


In conclusion, loud chewing can be caused by various factors, including the way individuals chew their food, dental or jaw issues, and an overactive jaw muscle. Understanding the causes of loud chewing can help individuals find appropriate solutions and reduce the impact of their chewing on those around them.

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